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Communication and coordination can be slow and full of obstacles, bogging down your workforce. Whether it be an immediate need to help a customer in distress, clean up a spill, or manage a hazardous emergency, your business counts on swift delegation and collaboration to ensure an efficient operation and customer peace-of-mind. Your business needs Moneta.

Managing a workforce can be complex, when it comes to employees who are always on the move.

Insight on employee movement

Provides real-time insight on employee movement, going beyond traditional tracking services to ensure a safe working environment within a geo-fenced area.


Enables administrative control, offering push-notifications and task assignments for continuous communication to workforce and uninterrupted productivity.


No hardware required

No hardware required while producing greater data resolution and quality comparable to or better than beacon-reliant technology.

Precise geo-location

Precise geo-location within a three dimensional space, capable of tracking on an unlimited number of floors.

Works as standalone or integrates

Works as standalone or integrates with existing beacon deployment to extend and enhance data resolution.

Data ownership

Data ownership enables strategic analysis to ensure each facility is optimized to its fullest.

It’s time to enhance the service of your organization. Empower management with the tools for prompt delegation and hold your workforce accountable. Optimize your business with a simple download and allow Moneta to work its magic.

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