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Empower your customer experience with Moneta, a real-time geo-locator that renders extremely accurate data for indoor wayfinding without the need for beacon infrastructure.

Beyond Beacon

With Moneta, you guide your customers where they need to go, or safely and efficiently direct your assets to their objectives. These directions are provided in real-time, determining exactly how long it will take them to get from where they are to where they’re going.

Indoor wayfinding

Moneta is a real-time, accurate geo-locator for precise, beaconless, indoor wayfinding.

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Beacon-free Indoor Wayfinding

No hardware required. Moneta is a completely software deployment

Turn-by-turn directions

Turn-by-turn directions anywhere, whether it be inside a building or in a remote, GPS-denied location.

Fast mapping services

Moneta maps hundreds of your locations within just a few weeks.

Dynamic mapping intelligence

Moneta’s maps learn and adapt to changes in pathways in realtime to recognize temporary obstructions while optimizing pedestrian routes.

Turnkey deployment

Immediate software integration to existing applications or as a completely new mobile app.

Better Data Resolution

Moneta produces greater data resolution and quality than beacon or facial recognition technology.

Moneta is a real-time, accurate geo-locator for precise, actionable insights.

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