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Moneta – Beyond Beacon

Moneta™ is a real-time, accurate geo-locator for efficient, actionable insights.

Moneta is accurate

Moneta uses a combination of patented geohashing technologies with a dynamic bluetooth mesh to obtain highly accurate data sets regarding the location and movement of mobile devices in buildings.

Free of beacons

Moneta does not rely on any hardware deployment, WiFi, Bluetooth or otherwise. Moneta is a 100% software deployment, while maintaining accuracy comparable to mesh systems that rely on deploying and mapping hardware.

Moneta works anywhere, anytime

Moneta can provide intelligence on your most valuable assets, whether it be employees or customers, providing your organization with actionable insights to save your bottom line.

geohash indexing

Geo-location Indexing

What Is It?

Geo-location +

Bluetooth mesh +

Geohashed map +

Proximity tracking

Moneta is a geo-location software engine that utilizes a dynamic bluetooth mesh to optimize mobile device location data points with industry-leading accuracy.

Simply put, Moneta is a no-hardware solution to proximity tracking that works as a standalone or as an add-on that extends beyond beacons, enhancing data resolution and seamlessly integrating with your existing business intelligence stack.


Geohash Indexing

How does it work?

Pin-point the location +

Less than 5 feet accuracy +

Fast deploy +

pin-point clients’ locations.

Moneta utilizes a patented geo-location software engine, anchored by a patent-pending dynamic bluetooth mesh and geohash to pin-point the location of a mobile device within a three foot margin of error.

This technology can be integrated with existing mobile applications or introduced as part of a new app with targeted value propositions to uncover real-time insights into user behavior.

Every business wants to know more about their customers.

is better.

Advanced Data Gathering

  • Measuring visits and activity inside your location is great but what about before and after the customer visit? Are your loyal customers cross-shopping with your top competitors? Imagine the capability to see beyond your beacons, to know if, when and how often your customers are also visiting your competitors.
  • Increase share and decrease churn through advanced offline competitor analysis of your most loyal customers.

No Expensive Hardware Costs

  • Technologies like wifi beacons and facial recognition software require significant hardware investments, not to mention the added cost for installations and management.
  • Moneta doesn’t require any hardware.

Improved Data Accuracy

  • Existing solutions are geo-fenced, extending only to the range of their beacons. And the data provided is often unreliable, providing limited information within the confines of your store or event.
  • Moneta provides industry-leading data around the movement of your customer without limitations and within a 5 foot range. This allows our clients to develop a real-time strategy around churn prevention while optimizing marketing efforts.

Seamless Integration

  • You don’t have time to waste. Every minute spent on rolling out new hardware and overcoming learning curves is a loss to the bottom line.
  • Moneta is an entirely software rollout, and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing stack. Our team will support the integration, beginning to end, to make sure your organization takes full advantage of the data made available.

Let’s Break it Down.


Current geo-location technologies leave a lot of room for error. While somewhat acceptable over distances of miles, geo-location applications often fail to provide an accurate location when traveling indoors or in close proximity to other users. Accuracy is dependent on network connection, which requires anywhere from 3-10 cell towers or antennas to triangulate a user’s location. Consequently, a user’s estimated location will jump around quite frequently, missing the true mark by 100’s of feet.

Moneta is powered by a patented geo-location software engine that removes irregular data to isolate and define the most accurate location out of the data available. This location is then optimized with a patent-pending Bluetooth mesh.


As Moneta filters through geo-location data and Bluetooth signals, location accuracy is continuously honed. These extremely accurate locations can then be layered over a geographical map to reveal insights on user movement patterns. Depending on your industry, these insights can help you learn more about your most loyal customers or give you the tools to protect your most valuable assets.

Bluetooth Mesh

Most mobile devices are Bluetooth enabled, which allows for the sending and receiving of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data. We utilize these signals to optimize a user’s location with less than three foot margin of error. Counter to most technology, the accuracy of our location data is enhanced with more users. This is due to the dynamic behavior of the Bluetooth mesh, which can adapt to moving devices, constantly perfecting it’s anchoring origin to the most accurate data available.

Geo-Fencing & User Privacy

To ensure strict protection of user privacy, Moneta is triggered to activate upon the passing of a geo-fence. A geo-fence is a virtual boundary, typically defined by our client, where data is collected once crossed so as to insure users’ privacy, optimize data collection, and prevent battery drainage. We do not follow your clients home.


Every business wants to know more about their customers.