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Moneta is a micro-wearable that wirelessly tethers to the parolee’s or pre-conviction releasee’s mobile device. It attaches to the parolee’s ankle or wrist, and it is easily concealed with retail closthing. Once tethered, high resolution geopositioning data is provided by the phone’s GPS hardware, or in GPS-denied conditions, by Moneta’s patented cellular triangulation technology.


A government funded, academic study investigated stigmas of ankle monitors, and their impact upon the social and professional welfare of users. It found, in part, the following.

Offenders were asked for reasons why [ankle monitors] impacted their ability to obtain a job. [T]he most common reason offenders offered is that the [ankle monitors] device raises questions or concerns (25.5%) from employers or potential employers. Other reasons frequently provided are “qualified people don’t have the issue of [ankle monitors]” (16.7%) and “there is a stigma with being on [ankle monitors]” (10.0%).
[ . . . ]
74% said [ankle monitors] stigmatized them.

See The Florida State University College, of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research, A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Electronic Monitoring (January 2010), Pg. 94, 100.

Moneta Corrections offers monitoring solutions that provide more accurate geopositioning than conventional market solutions, while solving the physical and social costs associated with wearing ankle monitors.

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