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Measuring visits and activity inside your location is great but what about before and after the customer visit? Are your loyal customers cross-shopping with your top competitors? Imagine the capability to see beyond your beacons, to know if, when, and how often your customers are also visiting your competitors.

  • Increase share and decrease churn through advanced offline competitor analysis of your most loyal customers.

Gain a competitive advantage

Marketing within the retail industry is crippled by inefficiencies and outdated hardware. Expensive WiFi beacon systems provide inadequate information limited within the boundaries of the beacon’s range. Moneta provides much higher data resolution around customer movement patterns (as low as 3 feet) and extends beyond store-fronts.

Our industry-leading data resolution will optimize your offline marketing efforts and provide greater insight into your most loyal customers. Within Moneta, your organization gains an unprecedented competitive advantage, providing a deep, unlimited analysis of customer behavior even within your industry competitors.


  • “Beyond beacon” competitive analysis
  • Greater data resolution
  • Lower churn rate with improved offline marketing
  • No hardware required with seamless API integration

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