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Heavy industry has endured decades of hampered innovation, diluted by a suite of sensors, beacons and other forms of hardware which serve as a paltry solution to a complex mining operation. Managing these solutions becomes complex and burdensome, and prevents the agile adjustments necessary for an efficient and profitable operation.

Moneta provides the power to monitor your greatest assets in real time, prioritizing the safety and well-being of your employees above all else.

No hardware required

No hardware required while producing greater data resolution and quality comparable to or better than beacon-reliant technology.

On ground level & below

Precise geo-location on ground level and below, eliminating radio-clutter while protecting your most valuable assets.


Works as standalone

Works as standalone or integrates with existing beacon deployment to extend and enhance data resolution.

Real-time insight

Provides real-time insight on asset deployment and movement, going beyond traditional fleet management services to secure a safe and profitable operation.

Data ownership

Data ownership enables strategic analysis to ensure each operation is executed better than the last.

You don’t need to settle for antiquated technology, especially when your employees’ lives are at stake. Contact our team now for a free demonstration and allow us to show you how Moneta will
revolutionize your industry.

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