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Here is the story behind a revolutionary software that takes advantage of untapped data while seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.


About us

Four years ago, our founding President and CEO came up with an idea that would help him get to the Salt Lake City airport in time for his flight to Seattle where his wife had been temporarily living. Bringing on a team of extraordinary developers, he designed an application that would integrate with airline applications and allow users to know exactly how long it would take for them to get through security checkpoints and to their outgoing gate, no matter their starting point. While some airports attempted to measure traveler throughput with expensive video cameras or inaccurate manual counters, our team focused on developing a convenient software solution that takes advantage of untapped data while seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure. This patented technology came to be known as Ferry, and is the driving force behind Moneta.

Having since taken on experts in retail sales and marketing, Moneta has quickly grown to become a highly-refined passion project, breaking ground with industry-leading data resolution through an entirely software solution. Recognizing the potential to completely change industry standards, our team has quickly grown in expertise, taking on advertising executives, marketing directors, and data analysts to develop a suite of trade-specific solutions.

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Core cultural beliefs & values

Actionable, reliable data regarding mobile devices is available using just the devices, no supporting hardware infrastructure deployment needed. This means we can generate accurate, real-time data where infrastructure deployment is cost-prohibitive, or not otherwise achievable.


  • There is an infinite supply of untapped data within mobile devices.
  • Higher data resolution will promote business efficiencies.


  • Resourcefulness: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  • Innovation: Go where no one has gone before.
  • Integrity: No empty promises. Our word is our commitment.
  • Humility: We know we are the best, but we won’t say it.
  • Simplicity: Let’s not overcomplicate the solution.