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The airlines industry has suffered a major hit from the pandemic. As travelers anxiously await a safe opportunity to fly, airlines are forced to compete for a smaller pool of demand. During this time of recovery, every customer-centric feature may be the difference between winning a traveler’s business over a competitor.

Empower your customer experience with Moneta, a real-time geo-locator that renders extremely accurate data into convenience.

With Moneta, your customers will know, in real-time, exactly how long it will take them to get from their home to the gate terminal, accounting for everything in between including check-in, security gates, and terminal traffic. Take the stress out of travel and open the lines of communication for customized, geo-location-triggered messaging to ensure efficient and timely loading.

TSA wait times

Accurate, real-time, automated wait times for travelers.

Turnkey deployment

For all 503 commercial airports; No airport authority permission or funding required.


No hardware required

While producing greater data resolution and quality comparable to or better than beacon or facial recognition technology.

Turn-by-turn directions

For each airport, clearly guiding travelers to their desired destination.


Push notifications to your travels who wander too far from the gate close to departure.


Notify travelers when to leave their home/office to make their flight; not too early, not too late.

Real-time constraints analysis

Analysis on customer throughput within airports, including TSA checkpoints, terminal gates, and baggage check-in.

Compliments existing technologies

Compliments existing beacon and facial recognition technologies to understand customer experience curbside to planeside (not just TSA checkpoints).

Moneta is a real-time, accurate geo-locator for precise, actionable insights.

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